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The house feels empty without Merlin, no slobber to clean up from the floor, nobody following you round waiting for his lunch, no big eyes staring at you, willing you to refill the bowl when he’s already wolfed down his dinner in 2 seconds. Holly is doing ok, we let her see Merlin in the […]

Merlin is February’s  ‘special dog’ in  ‘Your Dog’ magazine… (click to enlarge)

Merlin had the fluid drained from his thorax on Tuesday, they removed nearly one litre! Initially his breathing became a bit slower and he was able to stretch out on his side again comfortably. During his walk on Wednesday he tried to play with his ball in the snow but then appeared to have an […]

Hope you all had a happy holiday season! Father Christmas brought Merlin a ball shaped liked a Christmas pudding and lots of yummy biscuits and we’ve been on lots of walks in the snow (although it’s more like ice now). Over the past week we’ve noticed Merlin’s breathing has become more laboured, he’s breathing very […]

Merlin is doing well but a bit concerned as he seems to be losing weight, 2kg in 3 weeks, we phoned the hospital and they recommended giving him an extra meal a day. He’s still  full of life and really enjoying his exercise, we have a really good video of him playing ball but I […]

Unfortunately Merlin’s chest xray showed the cancer has spread, he has 2 nodules and a shadowy patch in one of his lungs. They think the shadow is maybe inflammation from another nodule they can’t see. It’s so sad, I suppose part of us thought and hoped  maybe he would beat the odds. The vet gave […]

Hi all, Today is Merlin’s sixth and final chemo, he’s having a chest xray too which we’re all a bit nervous about. The last one, at his 3rd chemo, showed a white nodule but they put it down to overlying vessels. We’ve just got to keep our fingers crossed that it hasn’t grown and that […]

Sorry it’s been such a long time since we posted . Merlin is doing well. He’s had his 4th chemo session this week and as always he had no reaction to it,which is good. During his 3rd session he had to have a chest x-ray, we were nervous about what it would show. There was […]

Last Friday we celebrated Merlin’s 3rd birthday! He started the day by going on a romp in the local woods with Holly and a friend’s dog Millie, it was very exciting to have another canine pal come along! Merlin received a brand new collar and a Ruffwear harness for his birthday and in the evening […]

Running with balls

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