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The house feels empty without Merlin, no slobber to clean up from the floor, nobody following you round waiting for his lunch, no big eyes staring at you, willing you to refill the bowl when he’s already wolfed down his dinner in 2 seconds.

Holly is doing ok, we let her see Merlin in the vets after he had gone to sleep and she gave him a sniff and that was that. The neighbours did say she was  more noisy when left in the house on her own, but apart from that her behaviour has seemed normal. A few weeks ago when we walking Holly in a local park, there was a black lab in the distance, he looked remarkably like Merlin – long legs, big head – it was sad because Holly got quite excited and was staring with her ears pricked up and tail wagging. Obviously when he got closer she must have realised it wasn’t him but she still played with him all the same.

We can’t believe that this time a year ago little did we know that Merlin wouldn’t be around anymore, it all happened so fast, from diagnosis, to amputation, to the end. Amputation gave him extra months of normal life – swimming, running, slobbering, eating, lazing, playing ball, being tickled, it’s amazing how dogs can adapt.

Thank you for all your kind words, we think about all you other tripawds and pawrents often and send our best wishes in your direction.

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